Promoting Chess

By | August 8, 2017

Mumbai Chess dot org is a Chess Association based in Bombay trying to promote Chess among the people living in Mumbai. People of Mumbai lead a busy life and so it is important that they sit around and play a game of chess from time to time for mental peace and security. Playing Chess is going to broaden your outlook when it comes to thinking and your ability to plan and improvise upon situations. This is something that Mumbai needs a lot. Now think like this, leading a fast life is not easy, it is tedious and that is why peace, specially mental peace is important.

Mumbai Chess organization believes that there is a lot of potential for Chess among the residents of Mumbai and it is high time that this talent is found, harnessed for the greater good of the place and the country.

The following are the aims of our association:

  • Promote Chess in Mumbai.
  • Improve the quality of game among the residents.
  • Provide standard training to the interested parties.
  • Encourage and help young kids to learn chess.
  • Keep a rank of players to know who are the top players.
  • Introduce Chess as a necessary education in institutions.
  • Assign coaches to help the members of the association in becoming better players.

This organization has been trained by professionals in how to deal with the members and specifically on how to train young minds. We are fully committed to training the people of any age group in learning a game of Chess. Chess as we believe is one of the best mind games that was ever invented. It is highly important that a child if not an adult learns how to play Chess.

If you are living in this city and you are interested in learning how to play Chess, then you must join us and meet us at our official association building. We meet nearly everyday and there are many kids who come to learn to play Chess. You can visit us anytime between 6pm to 9pm after which and before which the center is closed. If you wish to join us, then all you need to do is to pay a membership fee that helps run the center and pays allowances of the fantastic coaches that have been hired to train you.

If you join us, then you get to play and learn among many students who are learning along side. You get to play in weekly tournaments also that are held to improve your game skills. So try us out today.